Love of imagination

As the time passed by, 

I kept thinking of how different everything would have been with just a tiny change of movement. May our worlds meet again or the destiny goes against? As if all those moments were reasonably put in our path and all the stars were shining only for us. But for a moment, it felt right!

As the time pass by,

I wondered why I felt the need to see you, to touch you and kiss you. Like the heart was messing around, playing games with the powerful brain, and you were helping her win. Yes, you win. You win my heart for a life. The one i could never live without. But please let me have it back, because i’m running out of time.
    | Rosé A |


I wonder

have you ever wondered why

the wind blows

the waves move along the ocean

and the rain falls from the heavens down

on Earth

why people even exist

what is the purpose of life

have you?
                                                                |Rosé A|

It’s lost

“Flawless?” No it’s the imperfection I love the most! With those big dark eyes and the smooth black hair of his would make your heart melt! Just the thought of this imaginative picture would damage my brain..and what about you?

When everyone else is searching for the perfect match I am lost in his glance’s maze, burnt inside hoping that he would be mine….”one day”…

“Maybe one day” was the answer in my brain but his heart already belonged to someone else. I sat down. I cried. Then I couldn’t move. I could barely stand on my own feet. That’s when it hurt the most. When I realised he was gone forever.

| Rosé A |